November 29, 2023
5 Cheapest Universities in Sweden for International Students.

Sweden is surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers many benefits, yet going to college there is quite expensive.

While EU and EEA students in Sweden are entitled to free education, international students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees must pay high tuition costs. These universities have among of the lowest tuition costs in Sweden, despite their high cost of attendance.

It’s interesting to note that Swedish institutions offer financial aid to overseas students via a number of scholarship schemes. Nevertheless, the applications that are submitted through these scholarship websites are quite competitive because only a limited number of applications will be approved.

You can see that a sizable percentage of candidates are accepted to the Swedish universities with the greatest acceptance rates if you’re interested in finding out more.

By reading this text, you will get knowledge about the best reasonably priced Swedish institutions for international students. First, let’s go over some facts!

Sweden’s Affordable Universities for Foreign Students

1. Stockholm University

The annual tuition ranges from SEK 96,000 to SEK 154,000.
Stockholm University, which is located in Sweden’s capital, is now regarded as the best university in Europe. A significant portion of the money raised by this renowned university is dedicated to international collaboration and research. Stockholm University specializes in science, so if you’re interested, be sure to search it up. With tuition starting at USD 10,000, Stockholm institution is the least costly institution in Sweden for international students.

Stockholm University does not provide many undergraduate courses, however its graduate students can choose from a wide variety of master’s courses. Furthermore, PhD students get paid if they are accepted.

2. Uppsala University

The annual tuition ranges from SEK 117,000 to SEK 155,000.
Uppsala institution, which consistently ranks in the top 100 globally and consistently demonstrates its quality by generating graduates with potential, is another reasonably priced institution in Sweden. One of the oldest universities in the Nordic area and the first formed in Sweden, Uppsala University has many old traditions that new students are just aware of. You can locate all the programs on this page because there are several courses in the master’s program. To access the admissions section, click on the master’s program that interests you. There, the cost of tuition will be covered. This will provide the precise cost of tuition.

Even for overseas students, there is no tuition for a Ph.D. Profit from it and best of luck!

3. Karolinska Institute

The annual tuition ranges from SEK 191,000 to SEK 212,000.
Considered to be among the top medical institutions globally, Karolinska Institutet consistently makes noteworthy medical advancements that improve people’s health.

Moreover, a subset of the faculty of the Karolinska Institutet (KI) continues to select the recipients of the Nobel laureates in physiology and medicine each year.

It is well known that the Nobel Prizes are given out annually in universities in Sweden or Norway, and the KI gets the honor of selecting the winners each year. The Karolinska Institutet has been granted the power by the Nobel Assembly to choose the winners of its scientific prizes according to their reputation in the medical community.

As mentioned before, work-study and scholarships are available to help pay for your studies while in Sweden. There is also no tuition for the Ph.D. programs. Since KI is a medical school, the tuition is more expensive here.

4. Lund University

Range of Annual Tuition Fees: SEK 106,000

Lund University of Sweden, one of the top universities in the world, was founded in 1666 and is primarily a research university. Lund University is one of the top institutions in Sweden for international students because of its affordable tuition.

This Swedish university, which now enrolls students from 70 different countries, welcomes international students despite its significant commitment in research. Moreover, Lund retains a fantastic reputation as a renowned research university and is home to two of the world’s best research institutes.

Although this website shows the tuition for each program individually, you may obtain the basic guidelines for tuition fees by following the link above. After clicking on it, you will need to choose your major, and the tuition price will be displayed in the section below that page.

There are no tuition fees for PhD programs, not even for students from other countries.

5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The range of tuition fees is SEK 130,000 for undergraduate students and SEK 165,000 for graduate students.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the last contender among Sweden’s least expensive universities. The institute, which is Sweden’s largest technical university and one of the best in engineering and technology, continues to accept a huge number of bright and talented students. Furthermore, KTH is one of the top universities for engineering and science, and its primary source of funding is research.

Similar to the university mentioned above, KTH hires doctorate students, thus if you are approved, the university will pay you instead of you! I hope this was helpful, and good luck!

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