Application ongoing for Indorama Fertilizer Internship Programme

At the moment, Indorama Fertilizer Internship programme application is ongoing. The internship programme was announced for all qualified applicants to apply.

All qualified applicants from reputable University and Polytechnic should apply through the right portal.

1. Job Title: Indorama Fertilizer Internship Graduates Engineering

Requirements for application

. The programme is open to fresh Graduates from University or Polytechnic

. Courses required includes Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, instrumentation, petrochemical

. All applicants will undertake 12 calendar months of intensive training

. All applicants will be subjected to two stages of test. Applicants will undertake written test (Technical & Aptitude) and personal interview

. Only applicants that undertake the two stages of test would be accepted for internship programme.

. Intern would receive stipends to consolidate their effort for the 12 months Internship.

. All applicants are allowed to use the company commuters throughout their entire stay with Indorama

2. Job Title: Indorama Fertilizer Internship for Diploma Students

Requirements for Application

. To be eligible, applicants must possess National Diploma from Federal Polytechnic and Technical Training Institute

. Eligible discipline includes Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Geology, Chemistry etc.

. The duration for the internship program is 18 months of intensive training.

. All successful applicants would go through two stages of test. The test will includes Written and Aptitude and personal interview.

. Only applicants that passes through the two stages of the test shall be admitted for 18 months training with Indorama fertilizer.

. All successful applicants are entitle to benefits from using company commuters as well as other public facilities of the company.

. At the end of the internship, all successful applicants are entitle to company certification.

3. Job Title: Laboratory Analyst Indorama Fertilizer Internship

Requirements for Applicants

. To qualify for the internship, applicants should have National Diploma certificate from Polytechnic or Technical Training Institute in Nigeria

. Applicants must be a students of Laboratory science, industrial chemistry, chemistry

. Jus like the above, all applicants will be subjected to two way test.

. Only those applicants that passes through the two way test will be admitted for training

. All applicants would benefit from using company commuters as as well as public facilities owned by the company

. All intern would receive stipends and certification at the end of the training

How to Apply 

Interested candidates can apply through the approved website of the Indorama fertilizer company.


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