How to Apply for Seplat Internship Course for Undergraduates

Seplat Internship helps undergraduates better to rediscovered and straighten up their future career. Seplat nurture such undergraduates for the purpose of employability that assist them after College.

The internship programme at Seplat offers students many opportunities that would help them in their career after College. Through the course programme, employability by translating their education into practical, gain professional experience and gain exposure to the fire up the energy industry.

Seplat Internship Opportunities 

Students and applicants will benefit from the following from Seplat;

. All interns will be majorly involved in seplat live projects as well as building up extremely valuable network that would enhance their career.

. Interns are Seplat could last to three, six or twelve months depending in institution outlines.

. All intern are drawn from University and must have completed year one undergraduates studies before they can apply for the internship.

Requirements for Seplat Internship

The below are the requirements for Seplat Internship course, student and applicants should take cognizance of the requirements as they prepare to apply.

. Mandatorilly, students and applicants alike are required to submit an institution letter of Internship to the appropriate office at Seplat.

. All interns should note that their internship studies would be terminated at the end of their approved course duration by their institution

. Only those applicants that meets the Internship requirements at Seplat would be contacted for Start-Up.

How to Apply

All Internship students tgat meet tge requirements can apply for the internship programme via the approved portal.

Requirements for Graduates Trainee Programme 

The following are the requirements for Graduates Trainee Programme at Seplat. They included;

. Such must have second class upper in the school results

. Such must be students of Science and Engineering and the course must includes Geosciences, Petroleum Engineer, Gas Engineering, Geology, Geophysics etc

. Social Sciences which course must includes Law, Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Economics etc.

. Students and applicants must pass their O’level result including Mathematics and English

. Applicants would be made to undertake series of assessment test.

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