Saipem is Accepting Application for Internship Courses for Undergraduates & Graduates

Saipem Internship Courses fresh intakes for training and development for Undergraduates and recent Graduates of Engineering in Colleges and University.

Saipem Internship Courses for Students and Recent Graduates 

The recent turn over the company is experiencing has led to quests for Saipem Internship Courses for studenst and graduates.

Saipem Internship Courses open doors of opportunity for recent graduates just entry into the labour market. The recent graduates are equiped with the up to date technical knowhow that is relevant in the industry.

To make things work faster for applicants, saipem has nimerous training programmes designed to aide quick development of students, graduates and staff that want to improve in their endeavour.

Saipem Internship Courses for Engineering Students, Graduates 

Saipem offers exceptional career opportunity to students and graduates of Engineering, this allow would be to part of extraordinary project throughout the entire.

Saipem Internship Courses / If you Major in other Fields

Saipem offers extraordinary opportunities for students and graduates that fully major in taxation, accounting, finance, legal department. Saipem hires qualified applicants in these fields, training to relevance that is needed in such of endeavour.

Saipem Internship Course High School Graduates & Near-Graduates

For High school and Near Graduates to effective participate in growth and training programmes saipem had launched “Sinergia” school work that involves educational Institute, the programme is designed to judiciously cater for high school graduate and neat-graduates applicants.

The programme is designed to anchor training initiatives and facilitate integration of classrooms studies in several communities.

Saipem Internship Course Training and Development Programme

The essential growth of the younger generation is of utmost relevance to Saipem and that’s why the training, growth and development of potential future employee is very important to Saipem.

The onboarding process is structured to cater for new intakes skills and development needs from day one of the programme.

Successful applicants would be care for upon successful onbaordment. The programme is tailored in an intensive manner to yield productivity at the end of the training.

How to Apply

Application is quite easy, intending applicants should visit Saipem application portal to enter their entries.

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