Steps to Apply for Standard Bank Africa Scholarships Study in UK Programme

FThis year Standard Bank Africa Scholarships programs have commenced, so qualified applicants can apply to benefits from the Scholarships programme.

The Standard Bank Africa Scholarships Programme is birth to identify academically gifted students lacking the means to further their education studies. As the manner is yearly, application is currently been accepted for the next section of the Scholarships programme.

Interested applicants can apply while the application is still ongoing. The Scholarships programme would end in the month of April, hence anyone willing to apply to benefits from the Scholarships Programme should begin the application process now.

The Scholarships programme application process is quite simple and easy to apply for. Requirements are not daunty to provides, they are the common requirements Scholarships awarding Organizations or institution request to be beneficiaries.

Details of Standard Bank Africa Scholarships

. Scholarships Sponsors – Standard Bank plc

.  Scholarships Types – The Scholarships programme is fully funded

. Participating institution – LSE (UK)

. Work of Scholarships programme – Scholarships is fully and cover living expenses of beneficiaries

. Number of Scholarships Awards – Tgrer Scholarships would be awarded in a year

. Categories of Applicants – Scholarships us meant for Post-graduates students

. Required Nationality – Scholarship is meant for only Africans

Standard Bank Africa Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarships are written below. Interested applicants are expected to meet them before applying. Only qualified applicants would be selected among several that applied. Holders of the following degrees can apply;

. Master degree holder’s in Accounting and Finance can apply

. Master Degree is required bin behavioural science

. Master in data science is required

. Master degree is require in economics and management

. Master in economics and philosophy

. Master in environmental and development

. Master in environmental economics and climate change

Others includes;

. Masters in finance, this is available for full-time studies

. Masters in finance and private equity

. Masters in financial mathematics

. Masters in global health policy

. Masters in local economic development

. Masters in management and strategies

. Masters in management information system and digital innovation

. Masters in real estate economics and finance

. Masters in risks and finance

. Masters social innovation ans Entrepreneurship

. Masters in urbanization and development

Benefits of Standard Bank Africa Scholarships 

The Standard Bank Africa Scholarships, though not totally fully funded but covers most part of the cost. Each of the Scholarships will essentially provides;

. Total Coverage of Scholarships tuition fees for all eligible programmes in the institution.

. Scholarships also cover the entire living cost throughout the Scholarships duration.

How to Apply

To apply and benefits from this Scholarships, interested applicants can check on the link to apply for the Scholarships programme.

Deadline for Application

The deadline for the Scholarships application is on the 27th of April.

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